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Barge Builder's Weld Cable Takes a Beating


A builder of barges, tugboats, and other vessels in Rhode Island was replacing cable every 3 months on their weld machine. The cable was failing regularly due to conditions typically associated with an outdoor shipyard, which included heavy traffic, abrasion, moisture, and exposure to the elements.


The TPC inside sales representative suggested Super-Trex® 600 Volt Welding Cable, which is designed for rugged use and features Extra-Flex rope lay copper conductor, 100% fabric serve, and a jacket with a 25% thicker wall compared to ordinary cable. The specially compounded jacket also offers flame and heat resistance plus extreme all-weather flexibility. The result is a flexible weld lead and power cable that withstands tearing, abrasion, impact, and chunking, thus extending the life of the cable in harsh applications.


After using TPC’s product for 24 months and comparing its performance against the commodity product, the customer verified its impact. Previously, when the customer was replacing cable every 3 months, the routine failures added up to $299,680 in parts and labor, plus the cost of downtime. With Super-Trex® 600 Volt Welding Cable in use, the cable lasted 2 full years, which saved the customer a whopping $244,420 in parts and labor while increasing production by 7 hours.

TPC PRODUCT: Super-Trex® 600 Volt Welding Cable

Total Savings in Material and Labor = $244,420 & Increased Production by 7 Hours
Source: TPC Cost Value Analysis Report #3485