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Concrete Plant Confronts Abrasion From Vibration


A concrete pipe and precast plant in Texas was experiencing frequent cable failure on its vibrator motors. The intense vibration was routinely abrading the cable, requiring replacement every 2 months across 40 units. The failures caused $16,200 in product and labor costs annually.


TPC’s field representative recommended that the customer install 14/4 Super-Trex® Ultra-Gard® Portable Cord — a highly flexible portable cord with excellent resistance to impact, cutting, abrasion, oils and most industrial chemicals. Rated for Extra Hard Usage, the cable features tinned extra-flex stranded copper conductors and live-flex insulation with no-wick reinforced fillers and 100% fabric serve. Security yellow TSE jacket allows for extreme all-weather flexibility.


TPC’s high-quality solution performed at least 12 months in the application, saving the customer a total of $11,674 in product and labor costs. During the course of the year, use of TPC’s product also increased production for the customer by 50 hours.

TPC PRODUCT: 14/4 Super-Trex® Ultra-Gard® Portable Cord

Total Savings in Material and Labor = $11,674 and Increased Production by 50 Hours
Source: TPC Cost Value Analysis Report #3365