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Simple Welding Cable Replacement Lasts 10 Years and Counting


We hear this problem time and time again. Customers are using welding cable that can’t withstand the abrasion, impact and temperatures that the environment dictates. This particular customer had problems with impact. The cable jacket rips because of constant abrasion and impact from getting run over with carts and other vehicles. Each application required 100 feet of cable and there were 100 units that they were looking to replace.


We suggested this customer use Super-Trex® brand DC Welding Cable. The specially compounded TSE jacket is 25% thicker than ordinary weld cable, resists oil, ozone, most chemicals and weld splatter. This cable stays flexible in extreme weather situations while also being flame and heat resistant.


Who knew when we recommended this cable 10 years ago it would still be powering this application! Certainly, great news for our customer since they had been replacing or repairing the previous cable every 3 months. In 10 years they have saved over $570,000 in material and labor costs and 3,000 hours of production!

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