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High quality Speed-Ease™ tin plated ferrules are available in non-insulated or insulated styles for use in terminal blocks to avoid direct contact with wire and avoid the possibility of wire strand breakage. Available in wire sizes 26-2/0 AWG.


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  • 300 V
  • No More Frayed or Broken Wires
  • Tin Plated Copper Barrel with Nylon Insulation

Please contact a TPC Sales Representative or 800-211-4520 for additional information.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

FEB268, FEV268, FEB248, FEP248, FEO228, FEW228, FEB208, FEW208, FEG208, FER188, FEY188, FEBK168, FER168, FEG148, FEB148, FEO1212, FEG1212, FEGN1012, FEBK1012, FEY1012, FEBR812, FEI812, FER812, FEI612, FEGN612, FEB612, FEBK416, FEY416, FER216, FEB1/020, FEGN1/020, FEY2/020, FE226, FE206, FE186, FE167, FE147, FE1212, FE1010, FE815, FE615, FE418, FE1/022, FE2/025, FE3/025