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Pfisterer – MV CONNEX

The MV-CONNEX range is ideal for use in ring main units, circuit-breaker/switchgear, high-voltage motors, transformers, capacitors, transducers, and sealing boxes. The connectors are designed to meet EN 50180, 50181 and DIN 47637, and the plug is suitable for many insulated plastic cables. A wide range of standard cable types are available as well as customer-specific versions. In addition to the standard plug-and-socket combination, there are many other versions for special application and testing purposes.

Medium Voltage Cable Assembly Testing:
TPC Wire & Cable Corp. tests all Medium and High Voltage assemblies prior to leaving our facility in accordance with the ANSI/NEMA WC 58-2008, 6.17 electrical test requirements. Documentation is provided to certify the testing and to ensure the highest quality workmanship and traceability of the ready-to-install assembly.

Damaging an assembly is easy to do but hard to detect until it is too late. TPC provides 100% AC or DC Hi-pot testing and insulation resistance testing on all assemblies before leaving our facility – giving you 100% peace of mind.

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  • EN 50180, 50181
  • DIN 47637
  • Suitable for applications up to 36,000 volts
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor use
  • Metal enclosed connector shell provides protection from impact and abrasion
  • Fully insulated, touch-proof design provides electrical protection and personnel safety
  • Free from arcing – protects equipment and personnel
  • Maintenance free – saves time and money
  • Suitable for applications up to 36,000 volts
  • Power Transformers
  • High Voltage Motors
  • Circuit-breaker/switchgear
  • Capacitors
  • Transducers
  • Cable Joint Boxes
  • High Load Ring Main Units

Please contact a TPC Sales Representative or 800-211-4520 for additional information.

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