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Electrical Components

Hoffman Products, a TPC Wire & Cable Corp. brand, offers a variety of UL Listed, CSA Certified, and RoHS Compliant electrical components ready to ship immediately. With over 50 years in the business, we know how taxing it can be to make a large and diverse order of electrical components. In addition to quality products, we provide open communication, detailed follow-up and on-time delivery to exceed your expectations.

Our Hoffman Products line gives you the value-add of having deep inventories of quality products, low minimum orders and available customized packaging. Whether you need connectors, ferrules, tools, cable ties, heat shrink tubing, lugs, metal strip terminals, solderless terminals or kits, we can make it all happen for you in one fast and convenient shipment.

Contact TPC Wire & Cable Corp. at 1-800-211-4520 to order any of these electrical components or to inquire about the many other components that we can provide.

  • Connectors
    You can find a variety of popular Speed-Ease™ Connectors to choose from including standard, black high temperature and wing tab. These connectors have a grooved outer design to aid in twisting even with greasy or dirty hands. Speed-E Connectors are available for that quick splicing job and also available to add to your inventory are ground connectors, butt connectors and parallel connectors.
  • Terminals
    High quality solderless terminals provide solid wire crimps that meld both stranded or solid wire with the barrel of the terminal into one strong electrical connection. We can offer you a multitude of terminal options for your electrical maintenance needs.
  • Cable Ties
    One of our most popular electrical components is the cable ties and accessories. Choose from standard, heavy duty, stainless steel, marker, releasable and many more.
  • Alligator Clips
    Copper or nickel-plated, our alligator clips are available with or without insulation and are ideal for making a temporary connection.
  • Heat Shrink
    Heat shrink tubing is designed to protect inline components, splices and disconnects. They can also be used for jacketing, wire bundles, light duty harnesses and identifying color codes on wire, cable or terminal components.
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