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Pfisterer Power Solutions

TPC Wire & Cable Corp. is pleased to announce a new partnership with Pfisterer, the leading German manufacturer of medium voltage connectors, medium voltage terminations, and other medium and high voltage electrical equipment. Currently the only value-added reseller and systems integrator in North America, TPC now stocks Pfisterer products right here in the United States, providing pluggable solutions that save customers time, labor, and overall cost.

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Why buy Pfisterer from TPC?

Reduced Lead Time
We've brought the same reliable, high-performing Pfisterer products you need closer to home and right into our warehouse. Stocked product means significantly reduced lead time and ensures delivery of the product when you need it most.

Customized Kitting
The specific components you need can be "kitted" together, allowing you to order exactly what you need. And, we’ll deliver it to you in one convenient package in a fraction of the time.

Complete Cable Assemblies TPC Pfisterer Certified Installer
Our in-house team of Pfisterer Medium Voltage Certified Installers use Pfisterer connectors and TPC cable to build complete cable assemblies that match your requirements and arrive ready for installation. Cable is cut to custom lengths and each assembly is 100% electrically tested in accordance with the ANSI/NEMA WC 58-2008, 6.17 electrical test requirements before release to ensure proper build and high performance. You’ll receive test documentation on each assembly to validate its integrity. Cable assemblies deliver a plug-and-play solution right out of the box, saving you additional downtime and labor.

Storage & Deployment Solutions
We provide options for safely staging your cable. Secure storage allows cables to be deployed quickly and safely in times of need, protecting equipment from damage and operators from harm.

Technical Support
Our technical support team is ready to assist with design and implementation of your project. An important added-value service, we’ll work through every detail of the project with you, provide conceptual drawings, and see to it that the final solution fits and works perfectly.

Additional Pfisterer Products
Looking for a different Pfisterer product solution? Our installers are certified by Pfisterer to build assemblies with Pfisterer Plug Connectors P1, P2, and P3, as well as Pfisterer MV Connex sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Contact our team for assistance in securing these Pfisterer solutions and more.