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Temporary Power Solutions

At TPC Wire & Cable Corp. we’re helping customers develop custom solutions for their temporary & emergency power plans that are turnkey and can be easily deployed by most employees. Our Power-Trex® product solutions can be designed to the specific needs of your facility. The possibilities are endless, but the one constant is that the final solution comes from one source. Our experts can meet with you on site to find out what you need, develop a plan and deliver products that will keep your facility running in the event of a power emergency.

In the wake of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan and crippled one of their key nuclear reactors, the U.S. Nuclear Industry adopted the FLEX / Fukushima strategy to protect American reactors from such a catastrophe. In support of this strategy, TPC has worked closely with the design engineering firms and the nuclear utilities to develop a temporary power solution consisting of low and medium voltage cables, connectors, distribution terminals and storage/deployment systems. These products have since been adopted as the standard for many of the nuclear sites as well as the Phoenix and Memphis Regional Response Centers. In the event of a critical emergency at a U.S. Nuclear Power Plant, TPC products will be deployed to provide temporary power and keep these plants running.

Whether you’re looking for solutions to keep your food manufacturing plant running, an oil rig producing or a pond aeration system functional, we know time lost means money lost. Our totally customizable emergency electrical power solutions can minimize your downtime, meet your safety criteria and allow you to work with one company to get it all done. 

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