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A Leader in Industrial Cable for Nearly 40 Years

Since 1979, we’ve been serving customers from our Ohio headquarters. Learn more about TPC’s rich history and recent expansions.

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What Our Customers Say

Dennis D. Bullock
Since we began using TPC, I am very happy to report we have not changed a single cable out to date. TPC has greatly reduced downtime and is an important asset to our welding safety program. I highly recommend TPC cables for any severe service condition.

Dustin Coats
TPC’s engineers provided us with a custom-designed solution that was extremely flexible and which has held up incredibly well over time. Since the custom assembly was installed a few years ago, the cable has shown no sign of damage, we’ve had no breakdowns, and we’ve made zero repairs.
Steve Uhlir
I was looking for a durable cable that was flexible enough to make tight turns in a confined area and not stress the cable shield. I found it at TPC. I was informed that because my project was custom I could orient each wire in the cable to sit next to the one I wanted it to, taking up less room in the junction box.