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    Posted by TPC Team on July 24, 2017

    The Wood, Pulp & Paper industry is known for producing wood chips, pulp slush, and waste water (aeration ponds). The paper-making process results in a lot dust and other particles that can put machinery and cables at an increased risk for failure. 

    Without proper maintenance, it is hard to protect your investments. Here are 5 maintenance tips for wood and pulp equipment: 

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    Topics: Maintenance, Environments, Products, Wood, Paper, Pulp

    Posted by TPC Team on February 1, 2016

    It's Febrrrruarrrrry and if you live in a region similar to Ohio, there's no way to avoid it — no matter how much we may try.

    Right now, you're likely battling low temperatures, snow, freezing rain and ice. Not lucky enough to live where it's prime snowman-building time?

    Perhaps you operate in a warmer region but your plant runs applications that are frigid in nature. We're talking to you, too!

    Whether you're the former or the latter, freezing conditions require you to take additional steps to prepare your facility. Keep your plant operational by focusing on these three key areas.

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    Topics: Maintenance, Wire and Cable Tips, Products


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