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Automotive Customer in A Bind Over Robotic Welder Wearing Out Cable

An automotive customer in South Carolina was replacing cable on its welding robot every 2 weeks due to failure. The cable was continuously subjected to heavy flexing and side-to-side movement, which routinely destroyed the cable. Over the course of just 6 months, the failures amounted to $5,347 in product and labor expenses plus a whopping 42 hours of downtime.

The TPC representative recommended Trex-Onics® Reduced Diameter Power Cable. Designed specifically for continuous flexing applications, this product has been tested to more than 4 million cycles without failure and offers a bend radius of 10x the O.D. The cable features extra fine conductor stranding and four times the stranding of standard power cable, which greatly improves flexibility. Its unique tubed construction and high-flex nylon woven wrap allows conductors to move freely within the jacket without the risk of binding. Finally, the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) jacket offers a superior first line of defense against any other abuse present in the environment that might typically cause cutting, tearing, abrasion, or corrosion from chemicals.

TPC’s Trex-Onics® Reduced Diameter Power Cable was installed and that single order of cable lasted at least 6 months in the application without need for replacement. The total cost? Just $617 in parts and labor. TPC’s solution saved the customer $4,730 and delivered a 37-hour increase in production time in half a year’s time.