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Coal Producer's Safety Concern with Underground Haulage System


Pennsylvania’s 3rd largest coal producer was replacing cable frequently on underground haulage systems due to failure from abrasion. Safety being a top priority, the customer needed a long-term solution that could be used in emergency shut-off situations.


TPC suggested Super-Trex® 16/6 Multi-Conductor P&R Cable, which features a specially compounded TSE jacket that provides superior first-line defense against tearing, abrasion, impact, oil, ozone, most chemicals, flame, heat, and weather.


Having the right cable in the right application saves valuable time and money. Previously, when the customer was replacing cable bi-monthly for 3 systems, failures for a 10-month period added up to $7,621 in parts and labor. Conversely, with TPC’s product installed for the same period of time, the customer saved $6,339 in costs and increased production by 54 hours.

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