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Concrete Plant Confronts Abrasion From Vibration


One of North America’s leading aggregate producers responsible for providing residential (underground-to-roof) solutions was experiencing routine portable cord failures on their vibrator motors due to abrasion. Every unforeseen failure resulted in unplanned downtime and a shift in priorities – a big frustration for the Texas concrete and precast plant. 

Industrial vibrator motors are an important part of the aggregation process because they are responsible for regulating the consistency of mortars to provide proper pours. Due to the rugged environment that was present, this customer was replacing cable every two months across 40 units, which was no small task and negatively impacted their budget.


Our local field specialist carefully assessed the application and recommended our rugged Super-Trex® 14/4 portable cord option – a product line that is well-known for offering excellent resistance against impact, cutting, abrasion, oils and most chemicals in harsh environments. Considering the rough outdoor landscape of the plant, he knew the all-weather flexibility of our security yellow TSE jacket would be the right fit for this plant. Plus, it’s rated for extra hard usage and MSHA-approved!

After sampling the product on a handful of their industrial vibrator motors, the customer became a believer and decided to install TPC products across their entire motor fleet.


By switching to a longer-lasting solution, this customer went from replacing cable six times over the course of 12 months, to once. That means giving back a total $11,674 in product and labor costs and 50 production hours. Talk about maximizing productivity!


Total Savings in Material and Labor = $11,674 and Increased Production by 50 Hours
Source: TPC Cost Value Analysis Report #3365