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Custom Cable Assembly for Sheet Metal Manufacturer Saves Enormous Amount of Time and Money


Customer was purchasing plastic jacketed cable that was housed in a hydraulic hose with connectors that were non-environmental. In addition to not being user friendly, this assembly would become stiff due to the exposure to oil in the tooling machine that produces sheet metal.


TPC engineers designed a custom assembly using a specially designed Trex-Onics® 22 AWG cable with 18 shielded pairs and an overall stainless steel braid. The polyurethane jacket provides excellent protection against abrasion, oil and chemicals while the stainless braid gives additional protection in this application. They added TPC’s Heavy-Duty Locking Connectors (HDLC) that are rated for environmental submersion (IP67).


Before using the new TPC assembly, the customer would have to change this assembly out six times in a 2 year time frame. Once the new assembly was installed, it stayed in the application for 24 months. They replaced the assembly in 12 units. Total material and labor cost savings is over $318,000 and 384 production hours!

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