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Large Steel Customer Finds Solution for Rail Turner Abrasion and Flexing Problems


Our customer was using a shielded cable with Amphenol connectors in their rail turner application. It kept failing due to the extreme flexing that was needed in this application and the abrasion it was receiving. They were repairing or replacing this cable every two weeks — which took about 8 hours for each unit (they have 3 units).


We suggested they try our Trex-Onics® brand Individually Shielded Encoder Resolver cable. The heavy-duty polyurethane jacket provides excellent protection against abrasion, oil and chemicals. We were also able to place connectors on each end so they could easily plug into the application when they received it.


The customer tells us that TPC cable is still in this application after 30 months without repair or replacement. Initially, it was a more expensive cable, but we’ve been able to save this customer $11,500 in material costs, $141,600 in labor costs and a staggering 1,416 hours in increased production in the past 30 months.

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