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Rail Customer Saves with Solution for Support Bar Weld Machine

A container car facility in Saginaw, Texas was replacing the commodity cable on their support bar weld machine every 7 months. The machine welds a bar on the bottom of the container car, which supports the weight of the cylinder resting above. The commodity cables powering the machine were failing due to equipment driving over them, hot steel falling on them, and other instances of impact and abrasion. Six units were experiencing the same failures.

Our TPC sales representative recommended Super-Trex® Type W RHH/RHW Single Conductor Power Cable. This product features a security yellow TSE jacket, which is flame and heat resistant while providing excellent protection against abrasion, tearing, impact, oils, and most industrial chemicals.

After using TPC’s product for 28 months, the customer confirmed its value. Previously, failures added up to $24,660 in parts and labor plus the additional cost of downtime. Now, with Super-Trex® Type W RHH/RHW Single Conductor Power Cable in use, the customer has replaced cable just 1 time per unit, saving $14,693 in parts and labor, while increasing production by 71 hours.

TPC PRODUCT: Super-Trex® Type W RHH/RHW Single Conductor Power Cable

Total Savings in Material and Labor = $14,693 and Increased Production by 71 Hours Source: TPC Cost Value Analysis Report #3374