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Reusable Welding Cable Lasts 10 Years and Counting


An American steel fabrication company was repairing 4/0 welding leads every 3 months and fully replacing them annually, due to failure from being dragged, run over by vehicles, and generally damaged by environmental hazards. For each instance of failure, the cost to replace 100 feet of cable was $552 plus labor. Now, multiply that by 100 machines, and cable failure amounted to a $55,200 annual problem in materials alone, not to mention labor and downtime.


TPC suggested Super-Trex® DC Welding Cable to the customer, a rugged and reusable cable designed for long life in welding applications. Containing 2 1/2 times more stranding than conventional welding cable, the cable’s bunch-stranded rope lay copper conductors resist fatigue and breakage. Its 100% fabric serve also prevents tearing and reduces jacket shrink-back. The specially compounded TSE jacket, itself, is 25% thicker than ordinary cable yet remains flexible and easy to work with while withstanding weld splatter, tearing, impact, abrasion, chunking, flame, and extreme temperatures.


The customer replaced commodity cable across 100 welding machines with TPC's rugged, long-lasting solution. A full ten years later, in 2013, the customer confirmed that TPC's cable was consistently in operation without a single need for repair or replacement. By choosing TPC's solution back in 2003 and investing $146,100 just one time for materials and installation on all welding machines, the customer was able to save $570,900 over the course of 10 years. The customer also gained back 3,000 production hours that otherwise would've been spent repairing and replacing cable as a result of unplanned downtime.   


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