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Tools Manufacturer Replaces Cable on Flute Machine

A manufacturer of cutting tools and hand-held power tool accessories in Derby Line, Vermont was replacing their cable every 6 months on a flute machine used to make drill bits. The cable was routinely eaten away by hot cutting oils, cut up by metal shards, and burned up from high heat generated by friction.

The TPC sales representative suggested Chem-Gard® 150 Unshielded Multi-Conductor Cable. The fluoropolymer jacket is ideal for harsh chemical environments in that it is resistant to oils, acids, solvents, and chemicals while also providing excellent defense against cutting and abrasion. The jacket is also designed for continuous temperature environments up to 150°C (302°F). Fluoropolymer conductor insulation delivers an additional layer of protection against cutting, abrasion, and chemicals.

After using TPC’s product for 24 months and comparing it to the commodity product for the same period of time, the customer confirmed its value. Previously, failures added up to $3,800 in parts and labor plus the additional cost of downtime, which was 40 hours. Now, with Chem-Gard® 150 Unshielded Multi-Conductor Cable in use, the customer is replacing cable just once every 2 years, saving $3,129 in parts and labor while increasing production by 36 hours.

TPC Product: Chem-Gard® 150 Unshielded Multi-Conductor Cable

Total Savings in Material and Labor = $3,129 and Increased Production by 36 Hours
Source: TPC Cost Value Analysis Report #3184