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Top Drive Application in Oil Drilling


The customer’s drill rig top drive has been exposed to flexing, twisting and abrasion as well as exposure to fluids and extreme weather conditions. The cable they were using failed too quickly.


This customer (oil and gas contract driller) replaced 185 feet of cable in a top drive application with TPC’s Super-Trex® 16/25 Reduced Diameter Control Cable


The customer saved $2,448.80 in material and labor costs by switching to TPC cable as well as saving 100 hours in labor. If they would have continued with the previous cable, they would have changed out the cable 3 times, but using TPC cable allowed them to continue production for 15 straight months without failure.

TPC PRODUCT: Super-Trex® 16 AWG Reduced Diameter Control Cable

Total Savings in Material and Labor = $2,448.80 and Increased Production by 100 Hours
Source: TPC Cost Value Analysis Report #2510