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Top Drive/Rig 286 Application In Oil Drilling


The cable the customer was using was failing too quickly in a cold environment paired with constant tension.


The maintenance supervisor replaced the cable in this top drive application with TPC’s 4/4 Trex-Onics® variable frequency drive cable because of the flexibility in all weather conditions.


In this application, the customer saved $1,086.40 in material costs, $112 in labor costs and 13 hours in increased production. Currently, this product is still in use after 6 months. If they hadn’t changed to TPC cable, they would have changed this cable out twice in this amount of time.

TPC PRODUCT: Trex-onics® VFd Shielded Power Cable

Total Savings in Material and Labor = $1,198.40 and Increased Production by 13 Hours
Source: TPC Cost Value Analysis Report #2521