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TPC VFD Cable Eliminates Monthly Motor Failure for Auto Components Manufacturer


A global manufacturer of structural metal components serving automotive OEMs was experiencing problems with the cable powering its motor. The cable was failing monthly due to environmental abuse from flexing, abrasion, and exposure to chemicals. For each instance of failure, the cost to replace the cable was $580 in product and labor plus 1 hour of downtime, which added up significantly over time.


The TPC representative recommended Trex-Onics® VFD Shielded Power Cable with a male-to-female six pole rectangular connector assembly. TPC’s cable assemblies are built to handle the harshest environments. Using a custom length Trex-Onics® cable, designed for industrial applications where flexing, abrasion, impact, and oil are present, coupled with the requested rectangular connector created a rugged end-to-end solution.


TPC’s Trex-Onics® VFD Shielded Power Cable with Rectangular Connector Assembly was installed in the unit. After 21 months, the cable assembly was still holding up well in the environment. The total cost in products and labor for TPC’s solution was just $787 compared to $3,060 the customer would’ve spent repairing/replacing the commodity product. Plus, the customer was able to minimize downtime and actually gained 5 hours of production time

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