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Wood Yard Saves $18k, Adds 60 Production Hours Using TPC’s PP&A Cable Rated for Extra Hard Usage


One of the world’s leading makers of tissue, pulp, paper, packaging, and building products was having problems with the cable powering its crane grapples in a wood yard. Logs would repeatedly snag and tear up the cable. For each instance of failure, the cost to replace cable was $201 in parts and labor plus 2 hours of downtime. Because the issue was occurring every 2 months across multiple units, the expenses added up significantly over time.


The TPC representative suggested Super-Trex® Type W/Type TC Portable Power & Automation Cable, which is rated for extra hard usage and has excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, tearing, and most industrial chemicals. It features no-wick reinforced synthetic fillers that add tensile strength, improve flexibility, prevent wick-up of liquids, and act like a shock absorbers to reduce damage from impact. Live-flex ribbed EPR prevents kinking and breakage due to twisting and flexing, resists dry rot, and offers high dielectric, tensile, and mechanical properties. The heavy-duty TSE double-pass jacket delivers first-line defense against industrial and environmental abuse.


In service for at least 30 months, the total expense for TPC’s solution for 2 units was just $2,560 in parts and labor. TPC was able to save the customer a startling $18,140 during that time and increase production time by 60 hours!

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