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Quick-Connex® 7-Pin Molded Valve Plug Assemblies

Quick-Connex® 7-Pin fully molded valve connector assembly 
prevents ingress from water, oil, and dust. The molding also helps prevent 
conductor failure in the back-end termination area by holding the conductors 
in place when the cable flexes or gets pulled on. Our assemblies also 
use our TPC high-performance cables that are designed to reduce 
failure in applications that see flexing, abrasion, chemicals, and extreme 

7- Pin Molded Valve Plugs are available in straight and 90° connector styles 
and can be used with Atos, Moog, Vickers and Rexroth servo or proportional 


Trex-Onics® Overall Shielded Continuous Flex Multi-Conductor Cable

Superior performance in continuous flex applications. First line of defense against abrasion, tearing, oil, UV, and most chemicals.

PUR Molded Head Design

Rugged polyurethane head is molded to the Trex-Onics®cable to provide a sealed connection, eliminating the risk of failure due to contaminants.

O-Ring Seal

Each connector head is protected with an O-ring seal. The O-ring compresses when tightened, sealing the connector end from contaminants.

90° or Straight Construction

Select the proper configuration for the application.

7/8”-20 UNEF Coupling Nut with Machined Hole

Through hole can be used to tie down coupling ring and eliminate possible loosening caused by vibration and constant movement. Ensures a secure connection in the toughest environments.



Product Overview

Resource-Color Code

Quick-Connex®7-Pin Molded Valve Plug Assemblies

Ratings / Characteristics

  • RoHS Compliant

  • 600V

  • Max Conductor Temperature 90°C

  • Bend Radius of Trex-Onics® Overall Shielded Continuous Flex Multi-Conductor Cable: (Static) 6x Cable OD & (Dynamic) 8x Cable OD

  • Oil & Chemical Resistant

  • UV Resistant








Part Numbers

Straight 90° Description Conductor Size (AWG) Conductor/Pole Count Length
Shielding Type
77003 77903 7 Pin Female Plug 18 AWG 7 3 Overall Shield
77006 77906 7 Pin Female Plug 18 AWG 7 6 Overall Shield
77009 77909 7 Pin Female Plug 18 AWG 7 9 Overall Shield
77012 77912 7 Pin Female Plug 18 AWG 7 12 Overall Shield
77015 77915 7 Pin Female Plug 18 AWG 7 15 Overall Shield
77020 77920 7 Pin Female Plug 18 AWG 7 20 Overall Shield
77050 77950 7 Pin Female Plug 18 AWG 7 50 Overall Shield
77060 77960 7 Pin Female Plug 18 AWG 7 60 Overall Shield

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