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Shipyard Market Solutions

Industry-leading weld and shore power
assemblies designed for long life in
hazardous shipyard applications.

Shipyard Market Solutions

OSV Builder Saves On Crane Cable By Switching to TPC

Customer Problem:

A builder of fishing and offshore support vessels in Alabama was having issues with the cable it used to supply power to crane controls. Due to extreme flexing and environmental hazards, the cable needed repair every 3 months and replacement every 6 months, on average. Each time cable failed, the cost to replace it was $264 plus labor.

TPC Solution:

Naval-Commercial Shipbuilder Reels In A Better Cable, Avoids Disruption

Customer Problem:

A manufacturer of complex surface ships for naval and commercial clients was experiencing routine failure of commodity cable used on two reeling applications. The cable was being repaired monthly and replaced every 3 months, on average, due to flexing and tension issues. Each time cable failed on the two reels, the cost to replace it was $476 plus labor.

TPC Temporary Light Stringers

On-site Inventory And Value-Add Services

Stocking in-demand products to help reduce long lead times.

General Manufacturing

High-Quality Cable, Connectors, and Assemblies

Designed to withstand abuse from impact,
abrasion, flexing, tension, chemicals,
and extreme temperatures.