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Super-Trex® Medium Voltage Single Conductor Power Cable/Assemblies

TPC's Medium Voltage Single Conductor Power cable is a highly flexible single conductor shielded medium voltage cable designed to ICEA standards. An extra heavy-duty TSE jacket provides excellent protection against tearing, abrasion, oil, impact and most industrial chemicals. Available in voltages from 5kV to 35kV. Ideal for applications where flexibility and ease of use is required. TPC can also add a connector to this cable and deliver a complete assembly — ready to install. A full testing report is provided to certify the testing and ensure the highest quality workmanship and traceability of the "ready to install" assembly.

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  • FT-4 Flame Rating
  • IEEE - 383 Flame Rating
  • RoHS Compliant
  • ASTM B-33: Standard specification for tinned soft or annealed copper wire for electrical purposes
  • ICEA S-75-381/NEMA WC-58: Portable and power feeder cables for use in mines and similar applications
  • CONDUCTOR — High flex tin coated bunch stranded copper conductors, for long life in harsh environments.

  • CONDUCTOR SHIELD — Combination of semi-conducting tape and extruded semi-conductive TSE.

  • INSULATION SHIELD — Tin coated braid shield placed over semi-conductive tape.

  • REINFORCEMENT † — Rayon tire cord reinforcing, improves cable resistance to pulling and twisting.

  • INSULATION — EPR insulation provides protection from moisture, heat and ozone.

  • INNER JACKET — Heavy-duty TSE provides added strength.

  • OUTER JACKET — Extra heavy-duty TSE jacket provides excellent protection against industrial and environmental abuse. Resists tearing, abrasion, oil, impact, ozone and most chemicals.

Please contact a TPC Sales Representative or 800-211-4520 for additional information.

  • Abrasions
  • Chemicals
  • Flexing
  • Impact
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