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Trex-Onics® Reduced Diameter Extra Heavy-Duty Reeling Cable

Trex-Onics® Reduced Diameter Extra Heavy-Duty (EHD) Reeling Cable is a specially designed 600V reeling cable with aramid reinforced dual pass jacket. The aramid braid is rated at 1,800 lbs tensile strength for heavy-duty applications. This cable also has TPE conductor insulation for very low coefficient of friction and superior dielectrics. Ideal for reeling, cat tracks and theater/stage lighting.

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  • UL Recognized
  • cUL
  • Direct Burial
  • Type TC-ER
  • FT-1 Flame Rating
  • VW-1 Flame Rating
  • 600 V
  • Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 90°C
  • AWM
  • TPE CONDUCTOR INSULATION — Superior dielectrics and very low coefficient of friction improves overall performance in dynamic reeling applications for longer life.

  • HEAVY-DUTY TPE JACKET — Superior first line defense against tearing, abrasion, oil, ozone, UV Exposure, as well as most chemicals. Flame and heat resistant. All weather flexibility.

  • BUNCH STRANDED TINNED SOFT DRAWN COPPER CONDUCTORS — Longer flex life in flexing and twisting applications, resist corrosion, easier to solder.

  • HIGH FLEX TAPE SEPARATOR — Non woven tape applied over the conductor layers improves the lubricity between the conductors, improving overall flexibility and performance in flexing applications.

  • REINFORCING ARAMID BRAID EMBEDDED IN JACKET — Reinforced with an aramid fiber braid for an additional 1800 lbs of tensile strength for tensile reeling applications.

  • Automatic Welders

  • Broach Machines
  • Control Circuits
  • Cranes
  • Festoon Systems
  • Machine Tools
  • Positioning Equipment
  • Power Track Systems
  • Remote Control of Electrical Equipment
  • Sensing Equipment
  • Transfer Vehicles

  • Abrasions
  • Chemicals
  • Flexing
  • Tension

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Coming Soon

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