Designed to support safety initiatives while reducing costs associated with labor and downtime, we produce rugged shipyard cable products with industry-leading life expectancies. 

As a leading supplier of wire, cable, connectors, and assemblies engineered to perform in harsh applications and dockyard environments; our flexible yet durable weld and shore power assemblies stand apart from all other products on the market. TPC products have superior resistance to moisture, weather, and general hazards such abrasion, dragging and heavy traffic. 

Not Your Average Welding Assemblies

If you’re experiencing routine cable failure due to harsh conditions in the dockyard, try one of these customized solutions proven to stand up to the elements

Super-Trex® Welding Cable

High-quality DC or 600 Volt welding cables are designed with a specially compounded TSE jacket— 25% thicker than ordinary cable—to maintain all-weather flexibility and withstand impact, chunking, abrasion, tearing, and extreme heat.

Molded Connector Assemblies for Welding Applications

The combination of our ball or taper nose connectors fully bonded to our Super-Trex® Welding Cable create an unbeatable and reusable solution job after job, avoiding time-consuming repairs and replacements, and the project delays that result from them. 

  • All-rubber construction that reduces pullback and cable stress
  • Molding that creates an environmental seal against dust, dirt, water, and chemicals
  • A quick-turn disconnect that provides a secure connection

Patented, IP69K-Rated Shore Power Solutions

Governments are encouraging the adoption of ship-to-shore power, also referred to as “shore power”. Shore power is the provision of shoreside electrical power to a ship in dock while its main and auxiliary engines are shut down.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ports Initiative works in collaboration with the port industry, communities, and all levels of government to improve environmental performance and increase economic prosperity.

Our molded assemblies are an excellent choice for your temporary power applications when your ship can’t idle in the dock on its own power.

Molded Locking Connector Assemblies for Shore Power Applications

TPC’s molded locking connector assemblies are IP69K-rated and provide a complete bond between the cable jacketing and connector head. This fully molded design has not only been pull tested to 2,000 pounds but contains a safety locking feature to prevent unintended disconnection.

The patented molded locking connectors are compatible with THOF-E cables commonly selected by shipyards for resistance to impact, abrasion, and weather.

Looking for Other Shipyard Favorites?

We offer stringer lights and other commonly used products in shipbuilding. These lights provide flexible and dependable illumination for ships that are coming into shipyards for routine maintenance.

From engineering to deployment, TPC is the go-to source for all your shipyard needs, providing products and solutions to help protect against moisture and harsh elements. To learn more about how we’re helping reduce downtime and increase productivity for our customers in the shipyard industry, contact us today or fill out the form to get a cost-value analysis for any of our wire, cable, or connector products.


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