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Vulko-Wrap™ Self-vulcanizing Insulating Wrap

Ditch Your Traditional
Electric Tape! 

Vulko-Wrap™ is TPC’s popular self-vulcanizing insulating wrap. Made of a specially compounded, synthetic silicone elastomer, this tape is resistant to oil, water, ozone and many chemicals.


It has a high dielectric strength and is completely safe to use on all electrical connections. It sticks to itself without sticky residue and fully bonds in 24 hours yet remains pliable in the application. It remains effective in temperatures ranging from -6°F to +400°F. 

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Need Extra Strength?

Learn more about our Reinforced Vulko-Wrap self-vulcanizing wrap and how this product can help you with any electrical connection.

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Read additional resources and case studies that show the benefits of using Vulko-Wrap for your electrical needs.

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Discover new topics and read relevant articles curated by industry and product experts.

 Check out the features of our Vulko-Wrap to see why it's better than your traditional electrical tape.


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