DIN Connectors

3 Wire Plus Ground DIN — 18 mm

DIN connector assemblies are available with a Blunt Cut or with a Mini or Micro plug secured to our Trex-Onics® 18 AWG cable. A superior first line of defense against tearing, abrasion, impact, oil, ozone and most chemicals. The polyurethane shell seals without the need for a gasket and provides protection up to IP67/NEMA 6. 3 Wire Plus Ground DIN — 18 mm
3 Wire Plus Ground DIN - 18mm


  • IP67 Rated
  • NEMA 6 Rated
  • Operating Temperature Range -25°C to 80°C


  • SECURITY YELLOW TREX-ONICS® 18 AWG 3 CONDUCTOR CABLE WITH HEAVY-DUTY POLYURETHANE JACKET — A superior first line defense against tearing abrasion, impact, oil, ozone and most chemicals.
  • RUGGED POLYURETHANE SHELL DESIGN — Resists damage from impact, abrasion, oil and most chemicals.
  • ZYTEL INSERT — Durable fiberglass filled nylon insert.

  • MOLDED ASSEMBLY — DIN Plug is secured to the cord to seal the unit, preventing dust and moisture from damaging the internal wiring.

  • SURGE SUPPRESSION — Built into each Plug to protect against electrical spikes or surges.

  • SUPER BRIGHT LED STATUS LIGHT — Incorporated into translucent DIN body, protecting LED from damage. Easily visible from multiple angles.

  • SELF SEALING UNIT — Polyurethane shell seals without the need for a gasket, providing protection up to IP67.

  • IP67/NEMA 6 — Once properly installed the connection is protected from dust, moisture and oil.

  • ALL POLYURETHANE MICRO OR MINI-HEAD DESIGN — Ensures 100% bonding between jacket and head. 

  • DIN CONNECTORS IN INDUSTRY STANDARD CONFIGURATIONS — Available with TPC Trex-Onics® Mini or Micro Quick-Connects™.


  • Abrasions
  • Chemicals
  • Flexing


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Part Numbers

  • D05145XXBM002
  • D05145XXBM003
  • D05145XXBM004
  • D05145XXBM005
  • D05145XXBM006
  • D05245XXBM002
  • D05245XXBM003
  • D05245XXBM004
  • D05245XXBM005
  • D05245XXBM006
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