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HDLC Series Connector Assemblies

Purposely built to withstand the most challenging industrial conditions. 
It maintains identical shell dimensions, contact layouts, and electrical 
performance characteristics as the standard MIL-C-5015 connector while 
incorporating application-specific enhancements like the 3/4 turn reverse 
bayonet coupling system, rubber-coated coupler, and a robust strain relief 


Wide Variety Of Contact Layouts

Precision-machined contacts featuring silver or gold plating are accessible in a range from 24 AWG to 0 AWG.

Heavy Duty Brass Backend

Provides superior shock and impact resistance.

Rubber Coupler Ring

Protects the coupler from impact damage and provides a large, non-slip surface for easy gripping.

First Mate Last Break Contact

An extended ground pin ensures the ground path is always first to engage while mating, and last to disengage while disconnecting.

3/4 Turn Reverse Bayonet Coupler

Provides easy mating and disconnecting, with a positive locking indent to prevent against accidental uncoupling.


Product Overview


Build Your Own Heavy-Duty Locking Connector Assemblies

Ratings / Characteristics

  • IP67 Rated

  • Operating Temperature Range -55°C to 125°C

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