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Mil-Spec MIL-C-5015 Assemblies

TPC offers a wide range of circular connector assemblies designed and manufactured to MIL-C-5015 standards. Originally developed by the armed services for use in severe aeronautical and tactical service applications, military connectors are short in length and feature a low-profile design.

TPC’s version also offers a back shell designed to increase the life span of the cable. TPC military connector assemblies are an ideal choice for harsh automotive, metal, wood, food & beverage, marine, and other industrial applications where a rugged, threaded connector is required. The combination of TPC’s high-performance cable, the proven reliability of the MIL-C-5015 connector, and the flex/strain relief of our back shell make for an unbeatable system.

Our assembly options include 180 contact layouts ranging from 1 to 65 positions and up to 150 amps per contact. Our layouts also allow for the mixing of power and signal contacts, power only and signal only.


Wide Variety Of Contact Layouts

Precision-machined solder contacts featuring silver or gold plating are accessible in a range from 24 AWG to 0 AWG. Additionally, we provide specialized crimp and thermocouple contacts tailored to specific applications.

Rugged Shell

TPC’s custom mechanical backend uses an aluminum alloy shell and hardware for durability with minimal weight. Optional mesh strain relief available for extreme flexing near connection point.

Overmolded Backend

Available with a fully overmolded backend to effectively safeguard against the ingress of liquids and particles.

3/4 Turn Reverse Bayonet Coupler

Provides easy mating and disconnecting, with a positive locking indent to prevent against accidental uncoupling.



Product Overview


Build Your Own Military Connector Assemblies


Top 5 Featured Layouts

Ratings / Characteristics

  • MIL-C-5015

  • IP69k (Reverse Bayonet Coupling Only)

  • Connector Operating Temperature: -55°C to 125°C








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