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Thermostatically Controlled Heat Trace Assembly

Thermostatically Controlled Heat Trace Assembly is specifically designed for 
the de-icing of frozen pipes and valves. The 120VAC adjustable thermostat 
makes it easy to dial in the temperature you need up to 220°C. Our flexible 
silicone heating tape can be wrapped around pipes as small as 0.25” O.D. 
and features a plug & play design to eliminate the need for hardwiring. 


Flexible Silicone Heating Tape

Can be wrapped around pipes as small as .25” O.D. Braided tape element offers more resistance to stretching, fatigue, and breakage.

Adjustable Thermostat

Have full control of the temperature output from 71°C to 220°C.

Plug & Play Design

Plug into a 15A outlet and eliminate the need for hardwiring.

Sealed Design

Both the tape and power cord are well secured and strain relieved inside the rubber, moisture resistant control box.



Product Overview


Heat Trace Demo Video



Cold Temperature

Part Numbers

Part No. (TC-ER*) Type Length
TOTAL WATTS Shielding Type
TPCHSTAT101002 Adjustable Heat Trace 2 144 No Shielding
TPCHSTAT101004 Adjustable Heat Trace 4 288 No Shielding
TPCHSTAT101006 Adjustable Heat Trace 6 432 No Shielding
TPCHSTAT101010 Adjustable Heat Trace 10 720 No Shielding
TPCHSTAT101008 Adjustable Heat Trace 8 576 No Shielding
TPCHSTAT101020 Adjustable Heat Trace 20 1440 No Shielding

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