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Molded Single Pole Power Assemblies
Molded Single Pole Power Assemblies

Molded Single Pole Power Assemblies

Molded Single Pole Power Assemblies are offered in three different varieties 
– the PA16 Taper Nose, the PA18 Ball Nose, and the PA22 Molded Locking 
Connector. They can be molded in many colors to fit the requirements of your 
application. Optional closure caps can be included, if required. All connectors 
are fully overmolded to the cable jacket to provide excellent environmental 
protection in ship-to-shore, temporary power, and welding applications.


TPC Super-Trex® Cable

Offers superior first-line defense against tearing, abrasion, impact, oil, ozone, and most chemicals. Flame and heat-resistant. Extreme all-weather flexibility.

Vulcanized Rubber Overmold

Reduces cable stress and provides an environmental seal between the cable and the connector head. Can be molded in any color.

Cam Lock Connection

Provides a secure connection with the ability to mate and disconnect quickly.

Double Set Screw Crimp Contact

Provides connection integrity and allows use for cable size up to 500 MCM.

Universal Mating

Mates to any E1016, E1018 or E1022 series specification.



Product Overview

Ratings / Characteristics

  • IP69k Rated

  • 600V

  • 690A, PA22 only

  • 400A, PA18 and PA16 only

  • Tensile Pull Strength: 2,000 lbs. PA22 only

  • UV Resistant








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