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3 section rear deployment
3 section side deployment
6 section rear facing
6 section side facing

Medium Voltage Cable Trailer

TPC offers storage and deployment cable trailer solutions for mobile substations that protect cable from damage and personnel from harm. Our cable reel trailers ensure fast, easy, and safe deployment in temporary and emergency power situations. Select from four standard trailer solutions to match your site-specific needs. Our engineers and product managers will work with you to deliver a cable trailer system that fits specifications for safety, theft prevention, ease of use, rapid deployment, and more. Choose from our ready-to-go designs below:

TPC Standard Trailer Designs:

  • Medium Voltage Cable Recovery Trailer – 3 cables rear deployment
  • Medium Voltage Cable Recovery Trailer – 6 cables rear deployment
  • Medium Voltage Cable Recovery Trailer – 3 cables side deployment
  • Medium Voltage Cable Recovery Trailer – 6 cables side deployment


Highway DOT compliant trailer systems

Protective Tarps / Enclosures

Protect trailer and cables during travel and storage

Multiple construction materials available

Aluminum, galvanized, and painted steel

Power Options

Gas or electric over hydraulic and full electric options

Reel orientation Side or Rear options

Making deployment easier at your site

Reel Braking Systems

Provides safe deployment of cables

Free Wheel Option

Allow cable to be removed during loss of power


Allow trailer to be leveled for safe deployment on uneven ground



Medium Voltage Storage & Deployment Solutions


Medium Voltage Cable Reel Trailer


TPC Medium Voltage & Temporary Power Solutions

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