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Hoff-Trex Cable Ties and Mounts are designed to rigid specifications to insure a strong secure bundling system. The products are resistant to shock, vibration, petrochemicals, and environmental extremes. Our unique moisture retention bag material maintains the quality of the product to assure that it does not dry out and become subject to breakage. Ties and mounts are available in natural, weather resistant, and heat stabilized.

Black cable ties have the same resistance to petrochemicals as our 6/6 nylon cable ties, but are also UV protected, making black cable ties ideal for your outdoor applications.

Used Widely in Automotive, Aerospace, Utility, Appliance and Consumer Electronics.

Application: Wire Harness Bundling, Wire Organization


Range of Tensile Strength Options to Suit the Demands of Your Operation.

Type 6/6 Nylon meets the UL94 V-2 flammability rating, self-extinguishing.

These self adjusting, self locking ties provide a permanent harness.


Abrasion resistance and toughness

Resilience to common solvents, alkalies, dilute acids, oils and greases. Weather Resistant. Heat Stabilized.

Exceptional dielectric properties.



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Ratings / Characteristics

  • UL 94 FLAM Recognized

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