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7 Pin Molded Valve Plugs

TPC Wire & Cable Corp.’s 7 Pin Molded Valve Plugs are available in straight and 90° with no assembly required. All products are RoHS Compliant and can be used with Atos, Moog, Vickers and Rexroth servo or proportional valves. They also come with Trex-Onics® C-Flex Cable giving you superior performance and TPC’s unique cable 18/6 shielded design that has been tested through more than 25 million cycles without electrical failure.

Each connector is protected with an o-ring seal that compresses when it is tightened, sealing the connector from contaminants. A PUR molded head design provides an extra sealed protection against contaminants as well. For added sealed protection, the coupling nut with machine hole can be used to tie down the coupling to eliminate any possibility of loosening.

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