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    Electric Cable Connector Assemblies

    Ethernet Cable Assemblies

    TPC's Ethernet Cable Assemblies are designed with over a dozen different head configurations and are built to your specific needs using our superior Trex-Onics® brand Ethernet cables. 

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    Product Spec Sheet
    TPC ethernet cable assemblies



    • Patch cable straight through pinout is standard.

    • Crossover pinout available upon request.

    • Shipped with standard strain relief boot.

    • Molded strain relief available upon request.

    • M12 Threaded Couplers.

    • Molded for abusive applications.

    • IP68 and NEMA 6P.

    • Mechanical Connectors also available upon request.


    Product Spec Sheet DOWNLOAD
    Trex-Onics® Industrial Ethernet Shielded Horizontal CAT6 Cable DOWNLOAD
    Trex-Onics® Industrial Ethernet CAT6A Cable DOWNLOAD
    Trex-Onics® Industrial Ethernet CAT7A Cable DOWNLOAD
    Trex-Onics® High-Flex PROFINET DOWNLOAD
    Chem-Gard® 200ºC CAT6 Industrial Ethernet Cable DOWNLOAD
    Build Your Own Ethernet Cable Assemblies DOWNLOAD
    We experienced some failures with some of our armored cable runs and decided to give TPC’s 6/4 Super-Trex® a trial run and now we have installed close to 4,000 feet of this cable while experiencing zero failures.
    Al Plybon
    Electrical & Instrumentation Planner, Simpson Tacoma Kraft


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