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    Electric Cable Connector Assemblies

    Ethernet Cable Assemblies

    TPC's Ethernet Cable Assemblies are designed with over a dozen different head configurations and are built to your specific needs using our superior Trex-Onics® brand Ethernet cables. 

    TPC ethernet cable assemblies



    • Patch cable straight through pinout is standard.

    • Crossover pinout available upon request.

    • Shipped with standard strain relief boot.

    • Molded strain relief available upon request.

    • M12 Threaded Couplers.

    • Molded for abusive applications.

    • IP68 and NEMA 6P.

    • Mechanical Connectors also available upon request.


    Product Spec Sheet DOWNLOAD
    Trex-Onics® Industrial Ethernet Shielded Horizontal CAT6 Cable DOWNLOAD
    Trex-Onics® Industrial Ethernet CAT6A Cable DOWNLOAD
    Trex-Onics® Industrial Ethernet CAT7A Cable DOWNLOAD
    Trex-Onics® High-Flex PROFINET DOWNLOAD
    Chem-Gard® 200ºC CAT6 Industrial Ethernet Cable DOWNLOAD
    Build Your Own Ethernet Cable Assemblies DOWNLOAD
    Simpson Tacoma Kraft currently stocks close to 55 of TPC’s product offerings and are completely satisfied with the product they produce.
    Al Plybon
    Electrical & Instrumentation Planner, Simpson Tacoma Kraft


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