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    Micro Quick-Connect™ Assemblies | Control Devices

    DC 18 AWG Trex-Onics™ Micro Quick-Connects™with LEDs

    DC 18 AWG Micro Cordsets made with Trex-Onics® Control Cable are designed for high cycle, constant motion applications, and provides excellent defense against impact, cutting, abrasion, oil and chemicals. Solid brass contact pins are nickel coated and gold plated to resist corrosion and ensures electrical integrity in both AC and DC low voltage applications. Dual LEDs show green for POWER and yellow for OUTPUT indication.
    Micro Quick Connects with LEDs


    • UL Listed
    • CSA
    • IP68 Rated
    • IP69K Rated
    • NEMA 6P Rated
    • NEMA 13 Rated
    • 10 – 30 VDC
    • Max Conductor Temperature 80°C


    • MADE WITH TREX-ONICS® CONTROL CABLE — Designed for high cycle, constant motion applications. Provides excellent defense against impact, cutting, abrasion, oil and chemicals.

    • ALL POLYURETHANE DESIGN, HEAD AND CORD — Ensures a 100% bond between head and cord. Eliminates glues and bonding materials that break down and leak over time, resulting in loss of signal and continuity.

    • DUAL LEDs — Green for POWER and yellow for OUTPUT indication.

    • TRANSPARENT POLYURETHANE HEAD — Provides excellent visibility of LED status from multiple angles.

    • FLUOROELASTOMER O-RING — Seals out oil, dust, chemicals and other contaminants. Provides an IP68 water tight seal.

    • HARD COATED MIL SPEC. ANODIZED ALUMINUM KNURLED COUPLING NUT — Resists corrosion. Provides quick and secure assembly.


    • Abrasions
    • Chemicals
    • Flexing


    Product Spec Sheet


    Part Numbers

    • CD13C62M001
    • CD13C62M002
    • CD13C62M004
    • CD13C62M006
    • CE13C62M001
    • CE13C62M002
    • CE13C62M004
    • CE13C62M006
    • CD13D62M001
    • CD13D62M002
    • CD13D62M004
    • CD13D62M006
    • CE13D62M001
    • CE13D62M002
    • CE13D62M004
    • CE13D62M006
    • CD23E62M001
    • CD23E62M002
    • CD23E62M004
    • CD23E62M006
    • CE23E62M001
    • CE23E62M002
    • CE23E62M004
    • CE23E62M006
    • 62033
    I was looking for a durable cable that was flexible enough to make tight turns in a confined area and not stress the cable shield. I found it at TPC.
    Steve Uhlir
    Operations Manager, Classic Diagnostic Imaging – Macedonia, Ohio


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