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    Micro Quick-Connect™ Assemblies | Control Devices

    Super-Trex® "Y" Splitter

    The Super-Trex® "Y" Splitter design is constructed using TPC's Micro Quick-Connect™ technology coupled with a one-piece focal point. The focal point unit is constructed of an oil, abrasion, impact, and chemical resistant compound designed to protect the unit from hostile industrial environments. Each conductor lead is molded into the focal point. Each splitter is tested to ensure out-of-box performance. AC and DC variations are available.

    Product Spec Sheet
    Super Trex Y Splitter 1


    • IP68 Rated
    • RoHS Compliant
    • 300 V


    • UNIQUE RATCHETING NUT DESIGN — Resists loosening caused by vibration and constant movement applications. Ensures a secure connection in the toughest environments.
    • SOLID BRASS CONTACT PINS — Nickel coated and gold plated. Resists corrosion, ensures electrical integrity in DC low voltage applications.
    • FLUOROELASTOMER O-RING — Seals out oil, chemicals and other contaminants. Provides a positive seal on mated components.
    • COMPACT DESIGN COMBINED WITH MICRO TECHNOLOGY — Helps to reduce wiring and termination points, simplifying installation and maintenance.
    • DESIGN FLEXIBILITY — Designed for both Micro and Mini applications. Wiring and lead lengths can be made to fit the application. Contact our Engineered Products Department for additional information.
    • SUPER-TREX® SJOO HEAVY-DUTY CABLE — Superior performance in abrasion, cutting, oil and chemicals.
    • HARD COATED MIL SPEC ANODIZED ALUMINUM KNURLED COUPLING NUT — Resists corrosion. Provides quick and secure assembly.
    • UNIQUE MOUNTING FEATURES — Designed to mount securely with either a wire tie or thru bolt for ease of installation.


    • Abrasions
    • Chemicals
    • Flexing


    Product Spec Sheet


    Part Numbers

    • 81401
    • 81402
    • 81404
    • 81411
    • 81412
    • 81414
    Our environment consists of humidity, heat and chemicals. The Chem-Gard® 200°C product excels in each of these environments and allows one type of product throughout the site. In the long run this will allow us to reduce repairs, replacements and unscheduled downtimes.
    Al Plybon
    Electrical & Instrumentation Planner, Simpson Tacoma Kraft


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