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    Mini Quick-Connect™ Assemblies & Accessories

    14 AWG Quick-Connect™ Cord Sets (3 & 4 Pole)

    Quick-Connects™ make replacement of electrical and electronic control devices quick and simple. Plug sets are made with Super-Trex® SJOO Ultra-Gard® Portable Cord. A superior first-line of defense against tearing, abrasion, impact, oil, ozone and most chemicals; also flame and heat resistant and offers extreme all-weather flexibility too. The molded and keyed, vulcanized thermoset cordset provides rapid and secure connect and disconnect and ensures a water, oil and dust tight seal. 14 AWG (3 and 4 Pole).

    Quick-Connect Cord Set


    • IP68 Rated
    • IP69K Rated
    • RoHS Compliant
    • 600 V
    • Ampacity: 3 Pole – 18 Amps; 4 Pole – 15 Amps


    • CORDSETS MADE WITH ULTRA-GARD® PORTABLE CORD — Provides the best defense against tearing, abrasion, oil, ozone and most chemicals. Flame and heat resistant. Extreme all-weather flexibility.
    • SILVER PLATED BRASS SLEEVES — Provides superior long life electrical contract. Corrosion resistant. Ensures snugness through repeated disconnects.
    • ONE PIECE MOLDED PLUG BODY — Reduces cable stress by allowing the entire assembly to flex.
    • SPECIAL CORK SEAL — Positive seal keeps out dust, moisture and oils.
    • DOUBLE KEY — Unique double key on the 4 pole configuration reduces the chance of improper installation.
    • FEMALE PLUG BODY IS SUPER-TREX® TSE™ COMPOUND — Factory molded to the cord.


    • Abrasions
    • Chemicals
    • Flexing


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    Part Numbers

    • 83001
    • 83002
    • 83003
    • 83004
    • 83005
    • 83006
    • 83303
    • 83306
    • 83312
    • 83320
    • 83321
    • 83322
    • 83336
    • 83403
    • 83406
    • 83412
    • 83420
    • 83421
    • 83422
    • 83426
    We have been extremely pleased with a variety of products TPC has brought to the table. TPC’s engineers provided us with a custom-designed solution that was extremely flexible and which has held up incredibly well over time. Since the custom assembly was installed a few years ago, the cable has shown no sign of damage, we’ve had no breakdowns, and we’ve made zero repairs.
    Dustin Coats
    Regional Purchasing Agent Leeward Renewable Energy (Formerly Infigen Energy)


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