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    Mini Quick-Connect™ Assemblies & Accessories

    14 AWG Quick-Connect™ Receptacles (3 & 4 Pole)

    14 AWG Quick-Connect™ 3 and 4 pole receptacles are available in female with 4 foot pigtails and male with 1 foot pigtails. O-Ring and locknut included; closure caps with chain are sold separately.

    Female-Male Receptacles


    • IP68 Rated
    • IP69K Rated
    • RoHS Compliant
    • 600 V
    • Ampacity: 3 Pole – 18 Amps; 4 Pole – 15 Amps


    • MULTIPLE CONFIGURATIONS — Available in male three or four pole straight.
    • SPECIALLY COMPOUNDED THERMOSET INSERT KEYED AND HERMETICALLY SEALED IN BODY — Soft, non-plastic face ensures cork seal. Provides an oil, water and dust tight seal.
    • ANODIZED ALUMINUM BODY WITH SEALING LOCKNUT — Durable, compact fittings. Resists corrosion. Easy to install.
    • HEAVY GAUGE SILVER PLATED BRASS PINS AND SLEEVES — Ensures superior electrical contact. Maintains contact through repeated disconnects.
    • 14 AWG STRANDED, TINNED COPPER PIGTAILS INSULATED WITH 125ºC CROSS-LINKED POLYETHYLENE — Provides excellent oil and heat resistance.
    • EXTENDED GROUND PIN — Ensures “first in — last out” contact.


    Product Spec Sheet  DOWNLOAD

    Part Numbers

    • 83300
    • 83300N2
    • 83301
    • 83400
    • 83400N2
    • 83401
    • 84038A
    • 84038N
    • 84201A
    • 84202A
    • 84203N
    • 84204N
    Our weld lead and power lead cables are subject to extreme conditions. They lie in oils, solvents, soaps, and are subject to being run over by forklifts and other machinery. Previous to TPC, we changed out cable two to three times per year on each of our eight welding machines. Some of our machines have been equipped with TPC cable for three full years!
    Dennis D. Bullock
    Boilermaker Leadman, Northtown Diesel Shop, Burlington Northern Railroad


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