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    Mini Quick-Connect™ Assemblies & Accessories

    16 AWG Quick-Connect™ Receptacles (6-8 Pole)

    16 AWG Quick-Connect™ 6-8 pole receptacles are available in female with 4 foot pigtails and male with 1 foot pigtails. O-Ring and locknut included; closure caps with chain are sold separately.
    Female Male Receptacles 6


    • UL Recognized
    • cUL
    • RoHS Compliant
    • 600 V
    • IP69K Rated


    • RECEPTACLE INSERTS ARE SPECIALLY COMPOUNDED, THERMOSET ELASTOMER — Provides long flex life, resists heat and oil deterioration.
    • MOLDED AND KEYED, VULCANIZED THERMOSET ASSEMBLY — Provides rapid and secure connect and disconnect. Ensures a water, oil, and dust tight seal.
    • HARD COATED MIL SPEC. ANODIZED ALUMINUM RECEPTACLE SHELL — Resists corrosion, provides quick and secure assembly.
    • SOLID BRASS CONTACT PINS ARE NICKEL COATED AND GOLD PLATED, MACHINE CRIMPED TO CONDUCTORS —Provides long life, resists corrosion, easy positive engagement. Excellent for high/low voltage and low level signal applications.
    • UNIQUE STAINLESS SLEEVE OVER THE GOLD PLATED FEMALE PINS — Prevents pin deformation resulting in loss of signal and electrical continuity. Superior performance in high vibration and continuous motion environments. Probe proof.
    • EXTRA LONG GROUNDING PIN — Ensures first-in, last-out contact for safety.
    • FLUOROELASTOMER SEALING O-RING AND LOCKNUT — Seals out oil, chemicals and other contaminants. Locknut included with each unit.
    • 16 AWG STRANDED, TINNED COPPER PIGTAILS INSULATED WITH 125°C CROSS LINKED POLYETHYLENE — Provides excellent oil and heat resistance.


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    Product Spec Sheet


    16 AWG Quick-Connect Cord Sets Part Number Cross Reference


    Part Numbers

    • RM16CPTF004 (84560)
    • RM17CPTF004 (84460)
    • RM18CPTF004 (84360)
    • RM16APTF001 (84660)
    • RM17APTF001 (84770)
    • RM18APTF001 (84880)
    We experienced some failures with some of our armored cable runs and decided to give TPC’s 6/4 Super-Trex® a trial run and now we have installed close to 4,000 feet of this cable while experiencing zero failures.
    Al Plybon
    Electrical & Instrumentation Planner, Simpson Tacoma Kraft


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