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    Mini Quick-Connect™ Assemblies & Accessories

    Field Installable Mini Quick-Connects™

    Field Installable Mini Connects™ are impact and crush resistant. The IP67 rated shell and rubber bushing are sealed to provide protection against dust and water spray. Anodized aluminum knurled coupling ring resists corrosion and gives quick, secure assembly. The gold plated brass pins and sockets resist corrosion and provide a long life. These connectors meet SAE Standard H1738-2.

    Female Straight Female


    • IP67 Rated
    • RoHS Compliant
    • 600 V and 300 V


    • NYLON INSERT & SLEEVE — Impact and crush resistant.
    • IP67 SHELL PROTECTION — Product is sealed to provide protection against dust and water spray.
    • SCREW LOCKING SYSTEM — Secure connection using only a screw driver.
    • NICKEL-PLATED BRASS COUPLING NUT – Resists corrosion and gives quick, secure assembly
    • RUBBER SEALING BUSHING & PINCH RING — IP67 Rated, providing internal protection from dust and fluid spray.
    • PRESSING SCREW — Nylon pressing screw threads into body sleeve and compresses pinch ring and seal to provide IP67 rating, and grips cable to protect conductors from pulling out of connector.
    • GOLD PLATED BRASS PINS & SOCKETS — Provide long life, resist corrosion, easy positive engagement, extra long ground pin ensures first-in, last-out contact for safety.


    Product Spec Sheet


    Part Numbers

    • 33800
    • 33700
    • 33600
    • 33801
    • 33701
    • 33601
    • 33802
    • 33702
    • 33602
    • 33300
    • 33400
    • 33500
    • 33301
    • 33401
    • 33501
    • 33890
    • 33790
    • 33690
    • 33390
    • 33490
    • 33590
    Previously, concerning weld lines from other companies, the yard’s harsh environment along with shipboard operations caused downtime. Since selecting TPC, our cost has decreased, quality has improved, and our welders are pleased with the durability of the welding and arc lines.
    Douglas E. Kubizna
    Supervisor, Norfolk Naval Shipyard


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