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    Mini Quick-Connect™ Assemblies & Accessories

    Quick-Connect™ Quick-Lock Safety Device and Master Lock

    The Quick-Connect™ Quick-Lock is a locking safety device for use on size “A” Mini Quick-Connects. Disconnection is made impossible as this safety device warns the operator to disconnect the power source before **removing the Quick-Lock. The Quick-Connect™ Quick-Lock can be used anywhere the sudden interruption of power can cause a safety issue and also with a *separate lock for additional security.

    NOTES: *Separate lock not included
    **Requires a tool or key for removal when used in conjunction with the ‘Quick-Lock’ lock.

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    Product Spec Sheet
    TPC Quick-Lock Safety Device


    • For Use As A Safety Lock-Out Device


    • PREVENTS DISCONNECTION — When locked into place, the device cannot be disconnected and prevents interruption of power
    • SAFE FOR OPERATOR USE — Serves as a safety device, warning the operator to disconnect the power before removing.
    • EASY TO USE — Light in weight and easy to lock into place on a connection.
    • COMPATIBLE WITH MASTER LOCK — Can be used with Master Lock for guaranteed safety lock-out.


    • Can be used anywhere an interruption of power will cause a safety issue.


    Product Spec Sheet  DOWNLOAD

    Part Numbers

    • 84125
    • 84126
    • 84127
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