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Trex-Onics® DeviceNet™ Quick-Connect™ Accessories & Receptacles

DeviceNet™ is a standardized open communication network for the inter-connection of field devices such as sensors, switches and actuators. The basic technology of the physical layer of DeviceNet is based on the CANbus. CAN is an acronym for “Controller Area Network,” which is a communication system in compliance with the international standard ISO 11 898.

The DeviceNet specification supports a variety of different network services for support of up to 64 addressable bus nodes. TPC Wire & Cable Corp. supplies a full line of DeviceNet Cable, Connectors and Accessories specifically designed for industrial applications. In addition to being UL and CSA rated, these products have been tested to meet all electrical requirements of the ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendor Association). The design of our Flex-Net™ line of products was based on the proven performance of our Trex-Onics® line of electronic cable, offering superior cut-through, abrasion and chemical resistance.

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