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Quick-Connex® DeviceNetTM Wiring System Accessories 1_Web
Quick-Connex® DeviceNetTM Wiring System Accessories 2_Web

Quick-Connex® DeviceNet™ Wiring System Accessories

Quick-Connex® DeviceNet™ Wiring Accessories are designed to simplify the addition of a sensor to an existing systemAvailable in both Mini and Mini-Micro configurations. 


DeviceNet Compatible “T”

Intended for DeviceNet™ Bus systems applications including proximity, photo electric and limit switches.

Meets All Electrical Requirements of Open DeviceNet™ Vendor Association (ODVA™)

Compatible with our Trex-Onics® DeviceNet™ cables and Mini and Micro connectors.

Fully Molded Connector Body

Provides long flex life, resists heat and oil deterioration.

Copper Alloy Contact Pins are Gold Plated, Machine Crimped

Provides long life, resists corrosion, easy positive engagement.

Anodized Aluminum Coupling Nut

Resists corrosion, provides quick and secure assembly.



Product Overview

Ratings / Characteristics

  • RoHS Compliant

  • ODVA Conformity™

  • 300V

  • Max Conductor Temperature 70°C

  • IP68 Rated

  • 8 Amps

  • Operating Temperature: -20° to 70°C

  • Oil Resistant

  • Shock Resistant

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