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Aluminum Pendant Box Assemblies

Aluminum Pendant Box Assemblies protect the wiring from the ingress of dust, dirt, moisture, and chemicals. The enclosure also prevents buttons from being damaged due to impact and heavy load. Each assembly is delivered pre-wired to customer specifications, making it ready to install on arrival. Boxes are available as 4-button and 8-button assemblies. 2-button and 6-button versions are also available with blanks.


Multi or single weave mesh strain relief is used to counteract tension. Guide wire holes are incorporated into the design if preferred to the mesh style strain relief.

Ergonomic grooves for easy gripping.

Protective metal lip prevents damage to buttons.

Low profile thin design for easy operator handling (only 2.5" deep).

Durable split shell metal design is virtually indestructible with 0.25" wall thickness. Grounded on both halves.

Silicon rubber booted buttons seal out dirt and moisture; available in red, green and black.

100% customizable button configurations & label identification available.

Momentary or Maintained on/off.

Dual-Pole Momentary

Momentary one, two and three speed.



Product Overview


Build Your Own Pendant Box Assembly

Ratings / Characteristics

  • UL / cUL Listed

  • UL Type 1, 3R, 4, 4X

  • Rated for 5A @ 240 VAC, B300 Pilot Duty

  • Max Operating Temperature 104°F (40°C)

  • Water-tight & Corrosion Resistant






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