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Cable Carrier Systems

TPC's custom cable carrier systems include highly flexible cable combined with corrosion-resistant materials to match your carrier dimensions, clearance, and other variables. We have experience with piggyback systems, dual cable carriers, double-stacked cable carriers, and more. We know that your cable carrier system's integrity and quality are critical to your overall performance.

We will provide a solution with our high-quality, highly flexible cable and integrated cable chains, custom-made for industrial machinery applications. After considering your carrier dimensions, clearance, travel orientation, bracket configuration, and other variables, we design and deliver your system as a bundled system ready for installation, saving you additional labor and downtime.

Our goal is to provide an entirely plug-and-play system. TPC will even fully load the cable carrier with custom-made cable assemblies to reduce downtime when switching carriers.


Highly Flexible Cable combined with corrosion-resistant materials.

Custom-made for industrial machinery applications.

Expertise to help solutionize what's best for you.

Built with high quality products.



Cable Carrier Brochure

Nylon Cable Carriers Ratings / Characteristics

  • Temperature: -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 250 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Speed: 3 meters/sec (600 ft/min)

  • Half the cost of steel/10 times longer cycle life

  • Lighter weight/quiet

  • Used in long travel applications (gliding is possible)

Steel Cable Carriers Ratings / Characteristics

  • Temperature: 800 degrees Fahrenheit (cold is looked at on a case-by-case basis)

  • Speed: 100 ft/min

  • More expensive/won’t last as many cycles as plastic

  • Seen in rough environments (eight times stronger than plastic)

  • Has a greater strength for unsupported span




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