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Slip Ring Harness for Wind Turbines

TPC's Slip Ring Harness Cable reduces downtime and helps you get back on line faster. This flexible harness is easy to install (even in cold weather) and is resistant to abrasion, oil, chemicals and UV. Conductors are highly flexible and are specifically designed for smooth installation in tight working spaces. We can also design a custom harness for your specific wind turbine needs.


Direct replacement for GE 1.5 NON ESS Turbine.

Built with high-quality TPC Trex-Onics® cable for use in harsh applications exposed to oil, abrasion, flexing, twisting and temperature extremes.

Withstands oil exposure, constant abrasion, flexing and twisting.

Flexibility of the cable allows for easy installation within tight spaces.

The cable jacket and conductors are stripped back to specified lengths and terminated with crimped ferrules for ease of installation.

Includes a private label legend and special color coded conductors.

Custom solutions available for other wind turbine systems.



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