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Hoff-Trex® Closed-End Connectors

TPC Wire & Cable’s Hoff-Trex® Closed-End Connectors offer a quick and 
reliable connection for wiring harnesses. Crafted from high-quality 6/6 nylon, 
these connectors feature a reliable tin-plated copper insert. With UL94V2 
certification, CSA approval, and RoHS compliance, you can trust in their 
safety and performance. Available in sizes ranging from 22 AWG to 8 AWG, 
these connectors are the best choice for secure and versatile connector 

Applications: Wire Harnesses, Lighting Applications


Made from 6/6 Nylon

Great for resistance to heat.

Resistant to Vibration

Creates a secure connection.

Simple, but Rugged Design

Provide convenient, safe and fast installation.

Available in Sizes From 22 AWG to 8 AWG

Perfect for small and large gauge requirements.



Product Overview

Ratings / Characteristics

  • UL Listed

  • CSA Certified

  • RoHS Compliant

  • 300V

  • Standard Option Max Operating Temperature: 105°C

Part Numbers

Part Number Color Temp Voltage Wire Size
CE100 CLEAR 105°C 300V 22-18
CE100R CLEAR 105°C 300V 22-18
CE233 CLEAR 105°C 300V 16-14
CE233R CLEAR 105°C 300V 16-14
CE551 CLEAR 105°C 300V 12-10
CE551R* CLEAR 105°C 300V 12-10
CE800 CLEAR 105°C 300V 8
CE233HR WHITE 105°C 300V 16-14
CE551HR WHITE 105°C 300V 12-10
2218SDB CLEAR 105°C 600V 22-18
BSDB CLEAR 105°C 600V 16-14
DSDB CLEAR 105°C 600V 12-10
8SDB CLEAR 105°C 600V 8

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